Reshaping the Future of
Office Work


The business metaverse for humans and the planet.

Parallel Office is committed to making a positive impact on the environment while reimagining how people use the metaverse for business.

Reshaping the Future of
Office Work

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A Better Way to Work

We deliver a comprehensive array of services tailored for the Metaverse. From custom office space for large and small companies to a variety of services businesses require to operate and gain value from the metaverse.


Our Metaverse

Parallel Office is a business metaverse co-working platform for teams to connect, collaborate and develop ideas, together. It offers an immersive working experience through the implementation of cutting edge VR technology, AI and Blockchain.  

Your team may be spread around the world, but in Parallel's Office immersive virtual spaces you can come together as if meeting in person. 3D avatars reflect the movement and gestures of their users, providing non-verbal communication in addition to voice. With spatial audio, you get a sense of where they are around you.

Meet in-person, from home

Parallel Office comprehensive collaboration toolkit enables your team to present, brainstorm, co-create, annotate, take notes and facilitate working efficiently in our persistent virtual spaces. What's more: if you need to immerse your self into your work in a virtual world you can bring your computer, keyboard and mouse with you and work from the office of your dreams.

Unleash productivity

Parallel Office is for everyone from startup founders, business owners and HR specialists who are looking for talented individuals to set up international teams, start operations without a big initial capital and break conventional boundaries. On the other side, professionals will be able to find jobs previously unavailable to them due to location constraints.

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