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Do you want to be a part of shaping the future of work? Do you have what it takes to be an ambassador for the metaverse?

Benefits of Joining

Take a front seat in shaping the future of work. As an ambassador, you will get the following: 

  • Early Access: Be amongst the first to start working from the metaverse. Provide precious feedback that will be implemented in future releases.

  • Exposure: Be part of an international project, team, and mission. We are constantly in the press with over 400 media publications to date. 

  • Funding: Receive a $PLO token as an incentive for your support and creativity in helping our journey.

  • Community: Network and meet like-minded people, all on a mission to change the future of work.

  • Giveaways: Take part in exclusive giveaways from VR headsets' to limited edition NFTs and metaverse merch.


Pioneers are the test users of our platforms. The ones who are testing all the features and functionalities and providing us precious feedback. You must have a VR device to join as a Pioneer.


Do you have the significant engagement of social media audiences from at least 1 social media channel, and do you believe that the office of the future will be in the metaverse?


Are you ready to take a steak in a unicorn startup and support the future of work? If you are part of the initial 100 angel investors, you will receive an additional bonus.


Are you a VR creator, a blockchain developer, or a content writer, and you are looking for an alternative way to monetize your talent and skills?


Are you passionate about leading a conversation, organizing events, and managing our community? Helping members with questions and adding value.


Do you want to evangelize about the future of work and how working from the metaverse can be a memorable experience?



In 2022 we are planning on onboarding 300 Pioneers, 100 Angels, 30 Influencers, 20 Creators, and 10 Educators. We are planning on growing our ambassador program to 500 members. Each Ambassador will be awarded 100,000 $PLO to be determined.

100,000 $PLO


In 2023 we are planning on onboarding 3000 Pioneers, 1000 Angels, 300 Influencers, 200 Creators, and 100 Educators. We are planning on growing our ambassador program by 5000 members for a total of 5500. 




In 2023 we are planning on onboarding 10000 Pioneers, 300 Influencers, 5000 Creators, and 100 Educators. We are planning on growing our ambassador program by 15400 members for a total of 21900.



Earlier You Apply Greater You Get

Selection Process

1. Fill In Form

This will take you less than 5 minutes and will allow us to know if we are a good fit.

2. On Desk Selection

We screen all applications twice to make sure we don't miss any hidden gems.

3. Video Interview

It's important to break the ice and e-meet. We can also meet in the metaverse. 

4. Onboarding KYC

Each participant has to undergo a KYC procedure in order to receive $PLO.

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