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$PLO NFT White List 

The first decentralized metaverse for business. It leverages the blockchain and the metaverse to
create an ecosystem where businesses can own their office space at the lowest cost, work more efficiently and easily find talents around the world.


About the 

To join the $PLO Token private sale you will need to get an angel investor whitelist NFT. Only holders of the NFT will have access to the private sale. NFT whitelist sale will start on 11 October. There are 100 tickets with a cost of 1 ETH each. Each token gives right to purchase up to 900k PLO (16 ETH). The minimum purchase amount is 2 ETH per ticket (the 1 ETH for the NFT is included)

Our Story

The ecosystem will include a platform for matching professionals looking for jobs with employers looking for talent and will be powered by blockchain technology through smart contracts, NFTs, and the dedicated $PLO token.

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