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Sphere Digital Recruitment is looking for a CTO/partner to build the future of the internet for one of our clients who has enrolled in Entrepreneur First’s Web3 incubator programme.
This project has the potential to have a very high impact, not just in the Web3 space but also in the real world in the not-too-distant future!
Whilst my client has had much interest from the CTOs on the programme he is yet to form a team and find a CTO to push the project forward.
More information about the project:
A no-code drag-and-drop DAO generator, comprised of modules/innovations we’ve extracted from around the DAO ecosystem. For examples, voting mechanisms, treasury management mechanisms, multi-chain architectures, working groups, multi-sig wallets and more
The Web3 programme that I am currently in provides advisors, investors and access to an extensive network of other projects and professionals. The probability of raising an initial funding round is very high
Invited on the Polygon accelerator programme, under the condition that we can gain early traction building an MVP
Secured two institutional and venture-backed clients who want to use the platform, they are prepared to assist in its early development and provide feedback
Onboarded some industry-leading advisors who can provide guidance on the market/competitive landscape and help in connecting to other interested projects/professionals.
The correct candidate will be given equity in the project.
Information about my client:
Previously Web3 Product Manager for the biggest institutional custodian in LATAM. Managed the custodial and science & innovation teams. Including integrations with MetaMask Institutional and early development of a private blockchain for the biggest financial institutions on the continent
Before this was a Senior Investment Analyst on Crypto Briefings Simitri research team, writing 5,000-8,000 word reports on a project Tokenomics, Market Opportunity, Technology, Team and Technical (Price) Analysis
Started my career in Web3 as a Crypto Analyst and Media Editor at CoinSchedule an ICO listing site that blew up in the 2017/18 bull run
Wrote his Dissertation at the University of Edinburgh on Bitcoin in 2017, answering the question ‘Is Bitcoin Money?’
Along this journey, I’ve also built an event management application on top of Facebook’s events platform and invented a Bitcoin on-chain data analysis algorithm
Desirable co-founder experience and traits:
Advanced and demonstrable experience in Solidity, smart contract writing and (preferably) auditing
Has management experience as a CTO, Team Lead or Senior Software Engineer
Good with people, someone he doesn’t mind spending 10 hours a day with indefinitely

Excelsior Labs

Chief Technology Officer (CTO) - Web3/DAOs

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