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Diverse tasks to help an organisation working in a cutting edge field within the blockchain sector
Open and friendly culture with regular informal social and sporting activities
Flexible arrangements possible to accommodate students and other workers
Opportunity to develop new skills with guidance and space to learn
Funded by top tier Web3 funds, with in-house compliance and finance team
Offices in Kreuzberg, Berlin. Relocation packages available, with partial remote and WFH policies in place.
What We Do
Chainflip is a decentralised exchange protocol specialising in cross-chain interactions. We think it has the best shot at taking market share away from the big centralised exchanges in the long run and bringing it on-chain. We want to be the Uniswap for everything. This is a very tightly coupled engineering challenge, one that we’ve been working on for well over a year. It is a multidisciplinary exercise in distributed systems, decentralised finance, blockchain consensus mechanisms, cyber security, applied cryptography, and front end tooling. You can read more about Chainflip Labs and joining the team here.
What’s the Job?
We’re looking for an assistant that is able to help with various challenges that pop up during the exciting launch phase of our company and beyond.
A full or part-time role (student applicants accepted, minimum 25 hours per week)
Directly assist the COO and CEO in administrative tasks as required, including filling out forms, taking notes, recording minutes, and tracking tasks
Ensure that the office is supplied and maintained correctly
Manage deliveries, material requirements, cleaners, maintenance workers, and so on for the office to ensure the best possible environment for our team
Organise internal events to improve company culture
Book flights, accommodation, venues, restaurants, transport, and other things that may be required for internal company events and business trips
Assist with the sourcing and delivery of apparel and other promotional materials.
Who You’d Work With
You will work closely with the COO as well as members of the communications team or the CEO and help with everyday tasks that keep things running smoothly in the office, and in the company. Aside from that there are a bunch of top notch Web3 professionals who are excited to have a person to reach out whenever there is something that could be improved in the company’s work environment.
Who Should Apply?
Ideally you:
Are well organised and can keep an overview of what’s going on
Have come experience in working with startups
Are familiar with tools like the Google Workspace, Notion and Discord
Are motivated to learn and communicate in a fast moving environment
Work well in teams and have a structured mindset
Have an interest in blockchain and Web3
Are keen to work independently and proactively
Are fluent in English and competent in German
Most importantly, are motivated to learn new things and shape your professional surroundings.
We work out of our bright and relaxed Kreuzberg offices 4 of 5 days a week, with partial remote options possible, and an annual offsite planned each February. If you would like to read more to get an idea of what working at Chainflip would be like, check out this post.
Salaries and Token packages are on offer that are commensurate with skill and experience. Please indicate your expected salary when applying, and we will take that into consideration during the interview process.
The Process
Please submit your CV to for review. A screening call will be conducted by our COO after which a second round with our Head of Communications will be organised. The last step would be a call with the CEO.
Salary range for full-time is €30k - €42k, plus equity/tokens.


Company Assistant

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