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Remote - Africa, Canada, Europe, UK, US



You will work closely with the engineering team and be responsible for auditing ETH, EOS and COSMWASM-based chains.
When not working on smart contract audits, you will have the opportunity to work with the team on bug bounties and perform your own research on any recent Defi hacks.
Notable bugs and bug bounties:
Notable vulnerabilities found in high-profile software
RETURNDATA corruption via datacopy
Recent audit of Aztec protocol performed by the team:
Security Audit Results - Aztec Protocol
Who you are:
2+ years of familiarity with DeFi
Successful bug bounty submission experiences
Participation in CTF (capture the flag) or any security competition
Experience auditing (internally/externally) DeFi systems, from both technical and economical points of view
Solid understanding and proficiency in Rust, Solidity and ideally C++.
Fluent in English
Our website:


DeFi Security Auditor

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