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Developer Relations Lead
Polywrap is building the plumbing to deliver software everywhere. We are looking for someone who can support and grow the community of developers building with Polywrap.
Developer Evangelism – Create content & strategies that grow the community of wrapper creators and integrators. Content can include articles, workshops, hackathons, and events sponsorships.
Developer Experience – Be on the frontlines providing hands-on developer support, while working with Polywrap engineers to optimize the entire developer journey. Relay product feedback to engineers and take proactive steps to identify and minimize developer pain points.
Integrations Coordination – Keep track of the projects building with Polywrap and regularly check-in to ensure that we are providing them with the necessary support.
Significant experience doing advocacy, evangelism, or technical sales for an established, developer-focused project.
Excellent written communication skills, demonstrable by previous work.
Excellent orator willing to speak in front of an audience (virtual and/or IRL).
Keen organizational abilities with a focus on what’s best for developers.
High-performance self-starting operator comfortable in remote-first environments.
Deeply knowledgeable about web3 infrastructure, DeFi, NFT, and DAO projects.
Experience developing blockchain-based applications (solidity, ethers, web3.js, etc).
Proven track record of building a developer-focused community.
Can think strategically about developer needs and adoption.
Can design processes to make distributed work scalable and efficient.
Our initial use-cases have been web3, and so it is helpful to have an understanding of the full web3 stack across a variety of ecosystems (EVM, Substrate, Tendermint, etc.).
How to Apply
Email your resume and any developer-focused content to Share with us why you would like to work with us and why you’re the right person for the role.
👋 Please note that these postings are for independent contractors. The selected applicants will be responsible for any tax reporting and payment obligations that may arise from work performed. Also note that approval will be subject to the organization’s governance process.


Developer Relations Lead

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