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Why work with us
VisionsDAO is building a critical piece of crypto-economic GameFi infrastructure that will enable a new wave of resilient on-chain Web3 games to come to market and thrive.
We enable fun gameplay and sustainable game economies through high-quality crypto economic modules that accelerate time-to-market while reducing costs and risks for Web3 game builders and legacy game studios who want to leap into blockchain-powered games.
We want to enable teams to create engaging games that have sustainable economies while accelerating time-to-market and reducing development costs. By providing a stack of simulation verified modules, innovative crypto-economic structures, and plug-n-play game mechanics, we empower teams to supercharge development and future-proof their games.
Role Summary
We are looking for a fast-paced, organized, proactive Digital Marketing Manager with 5+ years of experience to manage a multi-channel marketing and community-building program that will be foundational for the growth of our project and its importance in blossoming the GameFi ecosystem.
The ideal candidate is passionate about gaming, blockchain technology and the decentralized future it can shape, and is just as passionate about digital marketing, the ever-changing technologies supporting it, and its timeless core concepts. Our digital marketing manager is both creative and analytical, results-driven, resourceful, and leads by example.
How you will contribute to the overall success of the team:
You will help define the marketing objectives and key results that support the overall project’s objectives
You will plan and manage marketing activities that support the achievement of such results
You will foster and inspire a growing community around VisionsDAO and the prospects of GameFi, helping Visions to grow in partnerships and investment while also evangelizing the vision of the GameFi Economy.
You will position VisionsDAO at the heart of the GameFi Ecosystem and create ties and important bridges between us and other projects, which ultimately will help turn VisionsDAO into a widely adopted SDK.
You will bring joy and good energy, elevating our game and drive strong work and a fun work environment..
Key Responsibilities
Develop marketing and community-building strategies that meet business goals over time
Setup and operate influencer and content creator programs
Ensure the cadence and quality of our social media, content, and marketing calendars
Manage a small but growing group of stakeholders to maximize Visions adoption and investment in every opportunity
Maintain and improve Content Distribution effectiveness
Develop strong narratives and showcase legit meme lord chops
Turn community members into raving fans
Connect with the GameFi ecosystem
Orchestrate our presence on Twitter, Mirror, Discord, Telegram, and other relevant channels
Manage production of marketing/brand assets
Cultivate a growth mindset focused on continuously generating insights from analytics tools and experiments while reporting on key metrics
Contribute towards building a respectful, transparent, and collaborative work environment
Work closely and communicate with team to ensure the best quality of clarity and marketing efforts are achieved
Must have skills and attributes
Good understanding of blockchain technology and its applications
Well-versed in the implementation and management of marketing analytics
Experience with a wide range of social media management tools
Capable of planning and optimizing outbound and inbound marketing campaigns
Remarkable written and verbal communication skills
Ability to liaise with influencers, content creators and subject matter experts
Capable of working effectively and independently in a remote team environment
Able to provide valuable references and frameworks that improve the work of others
Competent in responding effectively to moments of crisis
Ability to manage and prioritize multiple tasks and projects simultaneously
Keen interest in leadership, able to inspire others to become their best selves
A never-ending curiosity to learn and master new tooling and best practices
Technical education preferred
Experience with Gaming, DeFi, and GameFi is a strong plus
Experience using marketing tools Ie. Content studio, Google analytics and Ad platforms
Understanding and experience using Notion, Slack and other communication/documentation platforms
Benefits of working with us
Work Remotely in a dynamic, distributed, and fast-growing startup
The opportunity of working with bleeding-edge technology in the gaming space
Close collaboration with leading projects and thought leaders in the space
Some of our guiding principles
Self-Mastery: Mindful conduct and always learning are critical components for personal and collective growth
Collaborative: Expertise is key, but sharing knowledge and building together with joy is the foundation for truly remarkable work
Curiosity and an open mind: We’re a culture of learners, and we welcome a humble approach
If you are interested in working with us, please apply.


Digital Marketing Manager

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