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MAK Capital is an agile fund who finds its edge investing far out on the risk curve, early stage, Web 3 ethos, solution oriented initiatives by small capable teams chasing big calculated dreams.
We enjoy working with these teams to solve real problems and today, the crypto space and our economy has a lot of real problems. We believe decentralisation and disintermediation is key but our existing DeFi landscape suffers infrastructure faults in need of cauterising.
We currently have some interesting solution ideas as well as existing companies within our PF that we think can become important market players. We are looking for founders to lead teams, pursue the vision, bring them to market and drive their commercial objectives.
For the founding teams, we offer:
Seed and early stage funding
Introductions to investor networks
Pre and post launch support
Introduction to key strategic partners
Introduction to vital solution providers
Advisory, mentorship and strategy
The opportunities are in the following sectors:
Asset Management
Decentralised finance
Web 3 infrastructure and gaming
Metaverse ecosphere and NFTs
Currency (Bitcoin, carbon, digital and algo)
The world is changing rapidly and this market of ours moves even faster every day. We want founders, bizdev, technicians, C Level executives, marketing specialists, developers and workhorses who respect the hustle, can think fast, move deliberately and execute execute execute. If that’s you, we want to talk!
How to apply
Please provide your resume and a cover letter including the following:
Your professional background and areas of expertise
Your experience in aforementioned sectors above
Your existing professional network/potential team
Why you are uniquely hungry and qualified for this kind of enterprise
Why you want this opportunity and what you are willing to do to be successful
What compensation you will initially require (if any)
Obviously base minimum listed below will be dependant on your role.
Please Note:
Any applications that do not include the above requested questions will not be considered.
All considered applicants will require KYC verification.

Mak Capital

Founders Wanted

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