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About Us
Usher is developing the Rewards Protocol, where crypto is earned for sharing and engaging Web3 Brands.
Commerce thrives on recommendations and word of mouth. The eCommerce, Travel, Finance and SaaS industries have already proven that incentivised word of mouth works. Commission Junction, and other partnership platforms have delivered on this value proposition for Web2. We’re on a mission to bring this very same value proposition to businesses developing on decentralised networks, such as NFT brands and marketplaces, DeFi protocols, dApps, Blockchains and all other Web3 brands.
We’re an early-stage startup backed by the likes of Arweave & Awin, building decentralised technology that enables Reward programs like Affiliate and Bounty programs for Web3 businesses.
The founder has engineering experience at startups, some that are now publicly listed, and has project and talent management experience from operating a software studio.
Our customers can be any business across the world capable of funding their programs with cryptocurrencies.
About the role
We are looking for early engineers to join us and build the platform alongside the founding team.
This person will be an extension of the founder, capable of bringing ideas, fast-paced energy and a company-building vision to the table.
Founding engineers should consider themselves as owners of the platform, putting aside the distractions of the world to be a part of a team that is building toward the future.
As the earliest team member(s), there is a high degree of responsibility involved with the role.
We expect early team members to be open-minded about their capability to cross geographies and work alongside their team.
An ideal candidate can cross the entire software stack, has deep enthusiasm and knowledge about the Web3 ecosystem, and has an execution-driven mindset.
You will have the opportunity to
Innovate, the Web3 ecosystem is moving so quickly — the brands we will be working with may lead the industry for years to come
Actively drive and manage the technology development process, working with the founder to build processes for the engineering team
Join the company-building journey, working with the founder to source and expand the team
Combine technical creativity and business acumen, you will illustrate the value that Usher’s platform and Partner Programs can provide
We would love you to have
1+ years as a Backend/Fullstack developer, DevOps/Infrastructure engineer and/or Solutions & Cloud Architect
1+ years experience working within an engineering team, capable of being very responsive for meetings/stand-ups and all other team communications
Experience in crypto, NFTs and/or decentralised networks and a passion to stay on top of that incredible rate of change
Comfortable talking about technical concepts and explaining how they work, both from a product feature and architecture perspective
Experience managing developers and triaging tasks between team members
Strong verbal and written communication abilities in English
Self-motivation, high ownership, low ego; a desire to work on a fast-paced, intense, and fun team in person.
Specific skills that are awesome
App Dev Experience with React.js, Next.js, Typescript, Javascript, Node.js
DevOps and Infra experience with Ubuntu, AWS, Docker
Deep Smart Contract Development Experience in Solidity and/or Rust
Why you should join us
Have an impact from day 1. You will be working very closely with the founder daily.
Solve problems your own way. As a software engineer, you get the autonomy to be creative and explore solutions to problems your own way. The founder is a message away for collaboration.
Own the product - drive the product vision, participate in building the early team and work closely with the users.


Founding Fullstack Software Engineer

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