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XQUI (Exquisite) is a community-based Private Investment NFT DAO. We are a community of crypto investors, project founders, researchers, DeFi and NFT analysts, crypto traders, gem hunters, degens and more. Our mission is to unite crypto to move towards the real Web3 vision. Ultimately, we are building a friendly ecosystem of crypto experts in an eco-friendly manner — we plan to share knowledge and experience while entering the new stages of the crypto market. Our community of any NFT holders has exclusive access to:
Gain private club access. XQUI community is a private club: access is only granted to NFT holders. Membership into the XQUI community, with a strong network of founders and investors in DeFi, NFT and web3.
A professional team of experts. All XQUI holders maintain exclusive access to crypto research, conducted by XQUI’s best analysts. Members, in this way, receive leading industry analysis and insight through masterclasses, bespoke research papers, AMAs and NFT whitelist and private investment opportunities
Exclusive content. AMA sessions with crypto-known experts in their fields, covering areas such as Crypto, Blockchains, NFTs and DeFi
Community events. Informative XQUI Web3 conference/workshops, insightful mastermind sessions, exciting poker games, as well as calming yoga and meditation events
Access to the XQUI DAO. All holders can get access to private investments through XQUI DAO NFT (XQUI Private, XQUI DeFi, XQUI Metaverse), where the fund will be distributed by DAO voting.
We are looking for a great Alpha researcher to join our team on a permanent basis to provide comprehensive research to the XQUI community
Core Responsibilities:
Searching for any new crypto market opportunities and conducting possibilities of earning on the crypto market:
Undervalued tokens/projects
P2E/M2E projects
Ambassador programs
Parachain Auctions
and more
Conduct comprehensive research of any opportunity found to gain profit in order to invest in
Collect and provide detailed and insightful reports summarizing the research and reports findings. Example
Participate in AMA about market opportunities and take part in team meetings
Skills Requirements:
Strong attraction to self-development in the crypto, finding new solutions to earn
Analytical and research skills with exceptional attention to detail
The ability to research and analyze the latest trends in the crypto market
A minimum of 6 months of experience in doing a comprehensive research
Excellent writing, editing, critical thinking, and communication skills
XQUI Offer:
A unique opportunity to join one of the strongest and most successful NFT, Trading, DeFi teams globally, get the level of responsibility and ownership that would be unlikely at any other firms
Great company culture: non-hierarchical, ambitious, informal, highly professional and collaborative
Tips for a successful application:
Only apply to us if you are genuinely interested or curious about this role; this is not for someone who is just looking for “a job”
Fill out the form describing your experience and the results obtained in finding alpha in more detail if you’d like to apply. Tell us about why you are interested in alpha in general and in XQUI in particular
Fill out the form at the link -
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General Alpha Research Analyst

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