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Full Stack Engineer
Software Engineer




, Singapore



About Wintermute
Wintermute’s mission is to enable, empower and advance the truly decentralized world for more transparent and efficient markets and products.
As part of this mission we have incubated a new decentralized trading protocol that will significantly improve the experience of trading on DeFi.
Wintermute is one of the largest algorithmic trading firms in digital assets globally. We manage billions in assets and trade more than $5B+/day across dozens of different trading platforms. Wintermute provides liquidity algorithmically across most CeFi and DeFi exchanges and via OTC. Wintermute was one of the earliest adopters of DeFi and is a big supporter of decentralized finance. We are widely known to be one of the largest and most advanced liquidity providers in DeFi. We support all major DEX, trading platforms, AMMs, RFQs, aggregators and we work with most major chains.
Wintermute is an official market maker for many of the most prominent blockchain projects and we actively support the DeFi ecosystem: we invest in and help scale early stage DeFi projects, we actively participate in governance of various protocols and cooperate with projects of building the missing pieces of the ecosystem.
Working for the DeFi protocol
We are looking for a Graduate/Junior Software Developer in DeFi with strong fundamental background in coding and curiosity about DeFi, HFT, market making and crypto trading. At Wintermute, you will be responsible for integrating new protocols right from the start. You will have the opportunity to get a deeper understanding of how various DEX’s trade and be responsible for optimising the execution on those venues, whilst also getting advice and guidance from very experienced developers and traders, including the founders/management team. You will get a lot of independence and responsibility right away, and you’ll learn at an unprecedented speed! No legacy systems, no corporate bureaucracy, no multiple levels of approvals. It is up to you to make an impact. You will act like an owner and your incentives will be completely aligned with those of the company!
What you will work on
A great advantage of this position is that it is varied, and it is also up to you to shape it in the direction that matches your talents and company needs. You will have the opportunity to help integrate DEX’s on chains; includes but not limited to: 1) Improving trading signals for various protocols 2) Improving execution logic to maximise PnL 3) Troubleshooting trades/failed execution to get a deep understanding of the protocol and improve the trading setup.
Hard skills requirements
Familiar with at least two of the following programming languages (in Python, Rust, Java, C++)
Curiosity in the DeFi space proven by doing extra-curricular project/work/research in this space (CeFi trading does not count!)
Excellent quantitative and analytical skills
Understanding concepts of asynchronous IO
Familiarity with Linux/git
Trading knowledge isn’t required but willingness and curiosity to learn algorithmic, high-frequency, quantitative, market making trading and blockchain fundamentals is crucial
Wintermute Offer
A unique opportunity to work on very interesting projects, get the level of responsibility and ownership that would be unlikely at any other project or DeFi trading firm
A unique opportunity to join one of the strongest and most successful DeFi teams globally
With Wintermute you don’t make a bet on a single product, platform, chain or technology; we’ll win if DeFi wins as a whole
Great company culture: informal, non-hierarchical, ambitious, highly professional yet collaborative and entrepreneurial
A cool office in central London with a sci-fi touch
We support significant flexibility in regards to working from home and working hours; however, we require hard/smart work and >60% work from the office; we are unable to accept remote candidates
Weekly team events, such as team lunches, team dinners, team board games and Dota playing sessions; these are not obligatory in any sense, but this is what we like to do
Aligned incentive structure: on top of competitive pay, a significant part of your compensation is performance-based variable pay with unlimited upside
We offer standard perks too, like pension, private health insurance, free food and office gym, but that’s probably not the right reason to join us
We offer UK work permits and help in relocation
Write to us if you
Love DeFi and have a passion for Blockchain technology, love coding, love problem solving
Love building things
Are curious about algorithmic trading and financial markets
Are determined, ambitious yet humble, willing to work hard and learn on the way
Like meritocracy and being judged by what you deliver
Like working like an owner and not having a 9-to-5 or contractor mentality
Like working in the team environment (not fully remote)
Tips for a successful application
Only apply to us if you are genuinely interested or curious about this role and DeFi space; this is not for someone who is just looking for “a job”
This is a London or Singapore based role
Do some research: look at our website and social media channels
Write us a short, honest, and direct message if you’d like to apply. Tell us about why you are interested in DeFi in general and in Wintermute in particular. Do not send us generic copy paste applications, we are looking for authentic people who share our interests, values and ambitions!
If you don’t have an obviously matching experience or skills, make sure you state very clearly what you can bring or how your experience is relevant.
Prepare to be tested on your hard skills required for this job. We do not care as much about your credentials (university or prior employer), but we care a lot about your knowledge and ability to get things done.
Unfortunately, we won’t be able to proceed if you simply press “submit button”; we do promise to reply to everyone who puts time and effort in making the application relevant!
Application Process
Codility - Python (or any OO language) + reasoning tests
Take Home Case Study - DeFi related
Interview with DeFi development team (with a written task included)
Interview with the DeFi Traders
Interview with the Head of Talent or COO


Graduate Software Engineer - DeFi

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