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RociFi is a DeFi protocol for the under-collateralized lending and the creator of NFCS, Trust and Reputation DeFi credential. Supported by such investors as Nexo, GoldenTree, ArringtonXRPCapital, Sygnum Capital and at its core the protocol leverages on-chain data, machine learning, and Web3-native risk-management to effectively and profitably facilitate under-collateralized loans via blockchain.
We are looking for the Head of the Ambassador Program in order to scale RociFi’s growth through engagement and activities of Ambassadors, i.e. most active and dedicated community members.
Lead RociFi’s community of 100+ ambassadors
Manage recruiting, activation and retention of ambassadors
Set up ambassador campaigns necessary to trigger specific RociFi’s activities like NFCS minting, borrowing and lending
Set up scalable and profitable long-term community incentive & reward scheme
Plan in advance and analyze ROI of specific growth campaigns
Support community managers and moderators with the latest product updates and program activities
Provide reporting about program’s progress, engagement and product feedback
Have strong understanding of DeFi specifics, projects landscape and, particularly, Web3 and crypto lending
Have been active and rewarded member of at least 1 ambassador program
Have experience leading community and growth activities for successful crypto projects
Are knowledgeable about marketing and communication strategies that effectively promote and and drive growth for brands on social media
Love working in the fast growing project
Are comfortable to work in fully-remote team
Have strong copywriting and analytical skills
Unique chance to work in the ground-breaking company that is defining one of the key Web3 primitives
Remote, with company retreats
Competitive compensation offered in Stablecoins and potentially in Tokens (depending on the profile)
Flexible working hours and vacation policy
Work on a rapidly growing team with opportunities for advancement and the ability to plan for a long-term role
Work closely with other industry-leading teams on high-impact projects
How to Apply
With your application please elaborate in a few sentences your view regarding the questions below. Thank you!
Read about Non-Fungible Credit Score token here. Give concrete examples of 2-3 projects in Web3 space that would benefit from using NFCS (part 4.1 - NFCS utility)
Give examples of how you would structure compensation and rewards for ambassadors and other community members


Head of the Ambassador Program

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