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Coinshift is a leading non-custodial treasury management platform built on top of Gnosis safe. It provides a smart and sophisticated user experience layer to manage treasury ops in an efficient manner.
At Coinshift our mission is to enable, empower and advance the truly decentralized teams by helping them focus on what they do best, i.e. building :)
Coinshift is a hyper-growth business targeting an immediate $100+ billion market with a very ambitious vision and roadmap. We manage billions of dollars in assets currently, and strongly believe it’s still day 1 for Coinshift. We are backed by the best-in-class VC investors globally. We are and want to be run as a technology company, not a financial service provider, and we build our culture around core values of ambition, collaboration, entrepreneurship, transparency, and meritocracy.
Since launching the MVP in June 2021, we’ve seen crazy traction from having nearly $80M+ in processed payments to having a billion dollars in assets under management. We now serve thousands of users across three continents and over 10 different countries. And we’re just getting started.
The development of Coinshift v2 is underway and we are currently looking for a full-time backend engineer with strong skills in backend and web3 technologies.
What will you achieve:
You’ll work with the core team to build new product features from start to finish: through conception, research, implementation, and maintenance.
You’ll participate in backend architecture decisions and guide team members in technical knowledge with best practices.
You’ll implement state of the art multi-chain web3 user experiences and actively learn about the latest developments in web3.
What skills do you bring:
Experienced leader: You have worked at product based companies for more than 6 years including more than 2 years in web3 organisations, have participated in architecture design and deployment pipeline. You have worked with backend teams where you lead the team to achieve fast iterations and high code quality.
Familiarity with backend technologies: You’re well versed with AWS technologies, Javascript, Node.js, MySQL.
Familiarity with web3 technologies: You’re well versed with web3js/ethersjs and understand ethereum blockchain and it’s tool stack, such as Metamask
Thoughtful problem-solving: You have the ability to break down a problem until you get a clear and accurate understanding of the context.
Navigating ambiguity in design: You can translate high level designs into production-ready systems. Given clear requirements, you are comfortable making judgments and tradeoffs in the user experience on your own.
Put users first: You think critically about the implications of what you’re building, and how it impacts real people’s lives.
Empathetic communication: You communicate ideas clearly in plain english. In disagreements, you listen to other perspectives and compromise when needed.
Team player: You enjoy collaborating cross-functionally to accomplish shared goals, and you care about learning, growing, and helping others to do the same.
Nice to Haves:
You’re proficient with technologies that are part of our stack, including Express, Datadog.
You participate in open source projects and web3 hackathons, or write about web3 technology.
You have experience in backend integration testing and in debugging performance issues.


Junior Backend Engineer

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