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On planet Arrakis water liquidity is the most sacred resource.
Arrakis has one mission: to become web3’s liquidity layer, enabling LPs and tokenized projects to optimize their DEX liquidity on and across multiple blockchains in a seamless and automated manner.
With over $1bn in total value liquidity flowing through our vaults we are by far the market leader and driver in this unique space.
The Role:
Arrakis is looking for someone with a strong quantitative trading background to fulfill the role of Lead Quantitative Trading Strategist. Liquidity providing is similar to market making, and we are looking for someone who is passionate about crypto and has experience in market making and quantitative trading.
You will be reporting to our CTO, coming up with various LPing and hedging strategies and much more. You will take a data driven approach in coming up with the best strategies for projects to have long term sustainable liquidity on DEX’s.
Overall your aim is to ensure projects are satisfied with their DEX liquidity, ensure your strategies to market make on DEX’s are chosen over CEX’s, with enhanced liquidity and lower slippage on trades.
You will be the only strategist in-house to begin with and will be working with an extremely crypto native and experienced team, keen to listen, learn and incorporate your subject matter expertise.
Close consultation with the technology team
Lead Liquidity Providing Strategies
Lead backtesting
Research/Analyze new DEX’s
4+ years of experience in Market Making/Quantitative Trading
Experience in Python
Understanding/Excitement in Crypto Markets
Willing to work autonomously
Strong written and verbal communication skills
Unlimited holiday (yes you heard that right!)
Work very autonomously
Generous Token Package
Competitive Salary
Work together with one of the best technical teams on Ethereum
Build relationships with top DEX teams which we are already collaborating with such as Uniswap
Chance to travel the world to go to exciting events and connect with key players in this industry
Join amazing in-person offsites all over the world

Arrakis Finance

Lead Quantitative Trading Strategist

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