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About the job
Our team is currently looking for a Localization Manager to work closely with all the different languages’ Localization Teams, Translators, and Project Coordinators on all editorial facets of games, including related materials to our Brand/Websites.
What you have to contribute for:
Responsible for all the translation, reviewing, proofreading, editing, and adapting games-related content in different languages according to existing quality standards in order to make the content accurate, and relatable to the audience for your region.
Work closely with game developers, publishing team, and external/internal localization partner/team to understand the project’s current needs, editing a wide variety of games-related material, such as in-game text, templates, packaging, press releases, and all other marketing materials to ensure high localization quality
Overseeing the Localization process for all games and implementing changes as needed for any game being localized in-house. Support translators and coordinators as required, editing grammar, punctuation, spelling, style, and language-specific slang during the localization process, including creating and updating localization documentation, style guides, glossaries, etc.
Main Responsibilities:
Determining deliverables and delivery dates.
Liaise with team members and partners on an ongoing basis.
Recruiting and contracting with the respective translators.
Consulting with a localization specialist regarding internationalization and local specifics.
Preparing glossaries and briefs for translators.
Conferring those issues by creating specific guidelines for specific product regions.
Provide Localization cost analysis when needed.
Other tasks assigned by immediate superior.
3+ years of work experience managing localization of marketing materials for premium content and global brands (iGaming with Blockchain, Crypto etc.)
Linguistic Language skills preferred. (Huge plus if you have worked as a translator).
MUST have a good connection with different languages’ Localization agency connections
MUST know how to lead a team of localization for different languages
Able to work under high pressure.
Willingness to adjust to different time zone if needed.
Fluent English is a must.
Bilinguals are preferred.
Ability to prioritize a high number of tasks.


Localization Manager

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