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Remote - UK



About Us:
ZKValidator is a mission driven company aiming to champion privacy in the blockchain space, whether that be through research and technology such as zero-knowledge proofs, governance participation, or events and education.
We currently operate validator nodes across eight Proof-of-Stake chains each of which you will be exploring in this role as well as additional blockchain networks. Our team consists of members with extensive and varied experience in the blockchain space.
The Role:
ZKValidator is looking to hire a UK-based experienced Project Manager to join our growing team. This role would have you monitoring our current projects and leading the launches of upcoming networks. The role would involve the coordination between our technical, strategy and comms efforts. The applicant must have a proven track record of completing technical projects successfully and a willingness to learn and evolve a strategy as new information is revealed.
What you’ll be doing:
Setup effective tracking tools for existing networks and familiarise yourself with the tools we use to gauge Node success.
Prepare and own new blockchain launches on the technical and operational sides from start to finish
Work closely with marketing and business development efforts, ensuring successful coordination of the different units in the organization.
Ensure devops, strategy, marketing, events and delegator acquisition are aligned with overall company priorities and timelines.
Track updates, upcoming governance proposals around validators, and general network status and report this effectively to the team.
Be responsible for continuous process improvement, including creating, evolving, and sharing best practices.
Have a deep understanding of the company’s mission, and how different initiatives tie into that, forming a high level roadmap and * reporting on progress or early red flags to stakeholders.
UK based location only
An existing understanding of Proof-of-Stake blockchain networks.
Experience working within a cross-functional team.
Proven track record of completing projects, on time and with strong results.
Strong organizational skills and attention to detail.
Independent and self-directed: you are able to take decisions and manage large scale change independently.
Analytical mindset: you have the ability to do deep analysis of issues, processes, and people, identifying the root causes rather than accepting what you are told at face value.
Ability to prioritize: you can look at the company strategically and evaluate how projects fit into the overall goals without needing heavy guidance.
KPI oriented and able to get hands on with data, whether in an Excel spreadsheet or using more specialised tools.
Good communication skills: you have the ability to highlight opportunities, wins as well as mistakes with teammates in an effective way.
Ability to select the best processes and tools for the job and implement them.
Strong collaborative attitude and experience on a small team: you have an appreciation for different personalities and skill sets.
Nice to have:
Experience with software development and high degree of familiarity with common tools such as GitHub.
In-depth understanding of cloud infrastructure and devops processes.
Enthusiasm for the cryptocurrency ecosystem, cryptography, Proof-of-Stake, governance, and/or decentralized communities.
Experience with change management and the introduction of new working practices in a rapidly changing organization.
To apply, please send your CV and a cover letter to
Why Work with us?
You would have a chance to work across many different networks, getting a birds eye view of the space.
You would be working within an intersection of 2 fast moving segments of the blockchain ecosystem: Proof-of-Stake networks + Zero-Knowledge technology.
Our team consists of some well-known builders and communicators, and this role would open up doors to connect with the larger Web3 community.
This role has the possibility to develop as we are on the long term also looking to fill a senior managing director role for the organization.
Your Goals:
To build your experience in this space and help us lead the company in innovative directions.
Build on our network launch strategy to make this more effective.


Project Manager (UK Only)

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