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About prePO 🔮
prePO is an upcoming decentralized trading platform allowing anyone to gain synthetic exposure to any pre-IPO company or pre-token crypto project.
Our mission is to democratize pre-public investing - transforming a world of financial exclusion into a world of permissionless access. 🌎
The Dream Team 💫
At prePO, we are building a fully-remote, globally-distributed dream team. Like a professional sports team, we want every player on the field to be a superstar in their position and play extremely effectively with others.
We are also backed by world-class investors ($3.2M in funding to date), including founders from Gnosis, 1inch, Illuvium, Alchemix, Zapper, and more!
Our Values 💝
At prePO, the following team values describe the people we want to work with (and the people you would want to work with too!):
Autonomy: being proactive, resourceful, and making decisions in prePO’s best interest
Passion: working with enthusiasm and positivity, and being personally motivated by prePO’s mission
Radical Candor: sharing feedback directly and empathetically
High Standards: setting and raising a high bar for yourself and others
Acceleration: moving fast and speeding up our timeline
Simplicity: seeking out the simplest solutions
Incrementalism: delivering value via incremental iterations
Focus: being laser-focused on high-priority, high-impact tasks that work us towards achieving prePO’s mission
Results: valuing results achieved, rather than time or effort spent
Innovation: embracing creativity, and leading the industry with forward-thinking ideas
Unity: bonding, celebrating, and collaborating as a diverse and synergistic dream team
Effective Altruism: a desire to do good in the most effective ways possible
The Role 💻
prePO is looking for a Senior Social Media Manager to take charge of prePO’s social accounts and craft our social media strategy. This role will engage cross-functionally across the organization to be the voice of the prePO brand on Twitter and other social media channels.
You will have the opportunity to:
Drive user adoption, awareness, engagement, and education around the prePO platform, PPO token, and Acquisition Royale, through creative and engaging content
Be the brand voice of prePO across social media channels
Design and execute social media strategies, including defining and analyzing community growth and engagement metrics
Scale prePO’s social media strategy through new hires and workflow improvements
Host regular events across prePO’s social media channels, e.g. Twitter Spaces
Build a strong rapport with other DeFi projects and influencers
The Ideal Candidate 🏅
Our ideal candidate will:
have 4+ years experience as a Social Media Manager
have 2+ years of proven experience as a Lead Social Media Manager within a web3 organization
have a passion and talent for creative and engaging storytelling, and crafting high-value, educational, and persuasive social media content
be highly organized with regard to planning and distributing content tailored to various social media channels and audiences
have proven expertise in image editing to create compelling infographics, memes, gifs, and other marketing assets
have significant experience collaborating cross-functionally within a remote organization
have a track record of organizing and hosting engaging livestream events, e.g. Twitter Spaces, YouTube Live
have a proven track record of planning and executing innovative and successful social media marketing campaigns
have exceptional communication skills, both written and verbal, and high emotional intelligence
have significant experience hiring and managing other social media managers
always have a pulse on the latest developments within the DeFi and broader crypto landscape, and the ability to weave this knowledge into prePO’s social media strategy
We are committed to fostering diversity and inclusiveness within our organization, and we strongly encourage candidates of all backgrounds to apply, even if you don’t match all the above criteria.
Note that we cannot offer visa sponsorships at this time.
Benefits & Perks 🎁
Competitive pay + token allocation
Fully-remote work with flexible working hours
Work on the bleeding edge of DeFi and crypto
Learn from other senior high-performing team members
Team game nights + off-sites + sponsored conference trips
Learning/development budget + subscriptions budget (Spotify/Audible/Discord)
Team-exclusive prePO merch + team-exclusive prePO profile theme NFT
Join a force for good - prePO has made a pledge to dedicate at least 2% of time, product, and profit towards charity
Our Hiring Process 📝
Our interview process takes place via Zoom and generally consists of the following stages:
Recruiter call (20-30 minutes)
Screen call with a team member (30 minutes)
In-depth practical interview (45-60 minutes)
If you require any accommodations for the interview process, please let the recruiter know upon initial outreach and we’ll do our best to provide assistance.
If you are hired, you will be working directly for the prePO DAO, with payments made monthly in USDC stablecoins.
We look forward to your application!


Senior Social Media Manager

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