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Who are we?
Ubiquity DAO is here to bring a layer of financial infrastructure for metaverse and crypto gaming, stabilizing the economies of projects and making their capital more efficient by giving them access to cutting edge technology from the greater DeFi ecosystem
About the role
We’re looking for developers who are fluent in either Solidity, Typescript or React to join our dev pool, and participate solving bounties with the top bounty hunters joining the core team
fulfilling any of these categories is enough
Experience developing and deploying smart contracts in a production environment on Ethereum
Experience using smart contract auditing tools and techniques
Ability to apply high quality testing standards and good documentation practices
Understand the inner workings of popular DeFi protocols and smart contract codebases
Good understanding of cross-chain interoperability
Good understanding of L2 technologies and side chains
Solid understanding of EVM
Expertise in Node as a back-end architecture
Expertise in Next.js as a front-end architecture (API routes, filesystem routing, ISR/SSR, layouts, compiler hooks)
Heavy background working with and developing in React
Demonstrated ability to build fast and well-structured web - application UIs with user-centric optimizations (web vitals)
Experience building complex component design systems using CSS-in-JS solutions (styled, emotion, etc.)
Nice to have:
Experience with subgraphs (The Graph) and GraphQL
Fundamental understanding of ethers.js and Solidity
Advanced CSS skills, animations, WebGL
Experience with Docker and AWS (EC2, Fargate)
Contribution to open-source projects

Ubiquity DAO

Senior Web3 Engineer

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