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Remote - Canada, North America, South America



We are looking for an experienced Tokenomics lead to join this journey and help us with the formation of our new venture into the Web3 era. We want to add your influence and expertise to our company to enable the growth and maintenance of this opportunity.
The role would be ideal for a Web3/Crypto enthusiast who can deconstruct and design token economies, understands data and is able to plan for the evolution of complex systems in time.
We know it sounds complicated and we don’t expect you to check all the boxes - we just need you to be willing to learn!
As the Tokenomics lead you are responsible for managing the processes of token creation, design, development, compliance, go-to-market and operations.
The knowledge and skills you will gain will be highly demanded as tokens reach mainstream adoption.
Analyze existing NFT projects and tokens
Prepare models and simulations for new projects
Analyze the impact of deployed changes and new features on the OneFootball token economy
You are plugged into the blockchain and specifically the NFT world. You need to know what is happening, what is working and not working
You know how tokenomics work and have experience in building several different token economies/models (Previous experience in ERC20 highly appreciated)
You have a strong grasp of financial principles, such as liquidity, inflation, and the importance of these in a -token economy
Must have a strong finance background
Experience in statistical modelling
Ability to work with large datasets
Someone that is able to build financial and valuation models
Someone that really understands distributed systems + decentralised platforms
Someone that has extensive crypto and defi expertise and interest
Worked on token modelling and drawing out token economics for one or more DeFi/NFT projects


Tokenomics Lead

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