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Angel Investors interested in joining our project will be preselected for the PLA Private Token Sale, where they will have a chance to purchase the token at a discount.

$PLO Private Token Sale

We strongly believe that VR adoption is happening faster than we realize, and to enable this adoption, we will be giving away gadgets and digital assets.

Beta User Onboarding

We are creating 500 early access NFT cult mascots for entrepreneurs and companies who are interested in becoming pioneers in working from the metaverse.

NFT Mascot Giveaway

If you share our belief that it's possible to reach a sustainable carbon-free business while being more productive, then you should write to us and tell us how you want to get involved. 

Ambassador Program

Decentralized Metaverse

Discover our Metaverse

Parallel Office is currently building a decentralized platform powered by blockchain technology through smart contracts, NFTs, and the algorithmic $PLO token. Parallel Office is available as a SaaS solution while our decentralized business metaverse is in development and available to pioneers that want to experience work from the metaverse.

Decentralized Metaverse




  • Office NFT Sale

  • Web-based persistent multiuser 3D environment

  • Mobile & desktop support

  • Marketplace Integration with jobs


  • $ PLO Token Public Sale

  • Release of Office 3D explorer Demo

  • Schedule events, panels and live streams

  • Analytics & data reporting


  • Release of Metaverse City on Polygon

  • Renting of Office and Accessory NFTs

  • Library of AI task bots for office task automation 


  • Release of office bank

  • Avatar facial expression integration 

  • Text to speech with assistant integration 

  • Token listing on major exchanges 



  • Team Set Up & Incorporation 

  • White Paper 

  • Seed Raise

  • Metaverse Forum Partnership


  • First Office MVP

  • Custom designed 3D environment

  • NFT White List Sale

  • Polygon Partnership


  • Showroom, event & workshop spaces

  • Bounty Program on bitcoin talk

  • 1st NFT Presale (Accessory)


  • Start of Private Sale

  • Mobile & desktop support

  • Custom corporate avatar design and animations

  • NFT Marketplace



Work faster in VR than in real life. Spawn as many virtual monitors as possible to optimize focus & productivity, whether solo or collaborating with your team! Save money and become environmentally sustainable while working from the office of your dreams. 


Our selection of offices enables you to quickly select a space for the most common use cases. What's more: Parallel Office's flexible architecture allows for the development of a wide array of sophisticated and highly customized spatial scenarios for your specific use case.


Parallel Office is designed to meet the security, privacy, reliability, and availability standards of the most demanding global enterprise users. Parallel Office universal connectivity with multiple devices gives your team the ability to securely use the apps you already love.


Parallel Office is also built with blockchain technology: powerful smart contracts are the backbone of the Parallel Office metaverse economy. Buy and sell as you wish with our own marketplace or other marketplaces, and transfer your valuable NFTs to other collectors. 


Parallel Office is for everyone from startup founders, business owners, and HR specialists who are looking for talented individuals to set up international teams, start operations without a big initial capital and break conventional boundaries. 


Parallel Office is the office of your dreams that is completely carbon-free. Reach near zero emissions by working from the metaverse. No more commuting, electricity, or real decoration is required when working from the metaverse. 


Save time and optimize your office tasks with the different AI integrations. Use text-to-speech, finger tracking and positioning, task automation, and many more to be more productive, save time on boring and repetitive tasks, and have a more productive working experience.


Start your career in the metaverse! Parallel Office offers a range of jobs from newbies to professionals, either working in the metaverse or just like in real life. Serve customers, promote products, earn rewards and tips, and complete daily quests and tasks to earn your keep. 


Work should be a fun, rewarding, and fulfilling experience. We are making a strategic attempt to enhance different business processes by creating similar experiences to those experienced when playing games in order to motivate and engage users in a more engaging experience.


​We are building a metaverse designed explicitly for work. Join our journey to build a community-based decentralized business metaverse that empowers people to start, build and grow a business of the future.

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