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Discover how to work in Virtual Reality

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Domande Frequenti

Where are we 

Our offices are in Milan in Via Victor Hugo 2, first floor of the MTS gate. For the day of the Open Day you will find directions to find us at the entrance of the building. The easiest way to reach us is by metro, Duomo stop.

How to book

When you have booked, we will send you a confirmation email in which we will ask you to answer a couple of questions or make a short call. We will thus be able to customize your experience and maximize its usefulness.

What to expect

​If you are curious about how virtual reality can be used to reduce costs and improve productivity and if you want to know the solutions currently available in the HR field, this event is made for you.

Open Day

12 March

The Open Day is the perfect opportunity to find out how to work in a virtual reality environment.


You will be able to attend and participate in an interactive virtual reality demo, with practical examples of meetings, interviews, training and more.


You will be supported by multidisciplinary experts to personally test the technology and, if you wish, to start conceiving the most innovative applications in the HR field.

You can extend the invitation to one or another of your colleagues or contacts.

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