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Parallel Office--Reshaping the Future of Office Work

Sweltering and throng, a dungeon-like subway carrier is filled with people wearing masks almost every work day. So you turn to long-distance work.

Curling up in your soft blanket, the sharp noise of the telephone shocks you. Gradually, you feel more and more difficult to draw lines between work and life. The bomb of messages, the frustration of waiting for responses, and endless tasks throughout the day… drive you crazy.

But have you ever imagined another option? With the help of Parallel Offices, you can.

Who we are?

I bet you have heard the concept ‘metaverse’ so many times. To date, this heated topic has gained tons of popularity. The metaverse is not simply an object. It is a combination of multiple technologies, including AR, VR, 3D digital world, software web, etc. Don’t worry about getting confused about these abstract definitions. In short, metaverse aims at building life exclusively in the cloud, where we can spend our time, work, and have incredible experiences without ever leaving the comfort of our home.

Our team actively exploited technologies of the metaverse and builds up a world ‘in a cloud’ exclusively for smart working. With the help of superb 3D VR technology, people working in the Parallel Office metaverse can have real work experience. They can freely meet, talk, and collaborate with each other in time with higher efficiency.

Obviously, this facilitates companies’ working efficiency with lower costs, from rent to inventory to utility bills. Customers in the parallel office can customize the metaverse by destining and deciding by themselves.

Can’t imagine? How metaverse can change the mode of long-distance work on earth?

No matter where people are, they can work in the same space at the same time with virtual reality technologies. Sounds a bit unreal. But this is happening. Right now we are working at…(video link below)

Why is it important?

Because of Parallel Offices, telecommunication is not a disturbing problem anymore. On Parallel Office you can forget the stress of traveling to work, saving time and money, while being ever more effective in interacting with your team, going on interviews, finding jobs, building businesses and having meetings with your clients.

Less travel to work, less pollution, less costs… What’s more, by working in Parallel Office, CO2 emissions related to transport, car traffic, and consumption of non-renewable energy can be reduced.

The unpredictable global situation has a huge influence on our lives. We are standing in the middle of the tide. Distance working seems to be an inevitable trend. Embracing the new technology is the best choice. Take Pokemon as an example, AR mobile games have already many applications. But who said this technology cannot be applied in the business area? Besides gaming and social media areas, establishing a virtual world for working is also a cool choice. Isn’t it?

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