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Life in the Metaverse

In the twenty-four hours of every day and night, from gamers, parents, insomniacs and preteens to aspiring internet comedians, the most enthusiastic early adopters of the three-dimensional internet that Mark Zuckerberg has bet Facebook's future on.

At least 300,000 people enjoy Meta's V.R. social network, Horizon Worlds where they can do things like hang out in cartoon form as themselves, building virtual mansions, nightclubs, and theaters - known as worlds.

The company was estimated to have sold more than 15 million headsets that are compatible with the metaverse, and yet people remain skeptical about the immersive internet. Since Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO, announced last year that he planned to spend billions of dollars bringing the metaverse to the masses, their stock price has since plummeted.

For now, the company is still constrained by the physical world. And by the fact that most people, apart from those currently in the metaverse, don't want to spend hours and hours of their day "in the plastic." That's about to change soon though. Meta has been working on making its headsets more appealing and is expected to announce a sleeker and more expensive model at Connect next week. The new headset will have even more sensors pointed at your face, allowing your digital avatar to smile when you do.

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