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Web 3.0? Why it is talked about so much?

The world has always fascinated us—from the very dawn of civilization when everything seemed shrouded in mystery and the unexplainable was the realms of the gods. But look around in today’s age, with the accelerated development of technology, we are entering a new era—Web 3.0.

Web 3.0 represents an amazing vitality and provides us with unlimited opportunities ahead of us. Should this be a complete reality, everyone would have the chance to create and own his or her works.

What is Web 3.0?

Although the traditional internet has taken the interconnection of information into reality, it has not yet fulfilled the mission of interconnection of creations and values. We, as users, developers, or simply browsers, are participating in the construction of contents of the internet. However, we do not actually own what we have created. In other words, almost all of the revenue is captured by Internet platforms, instead of creators. Platforms do the least but occupy the largest portion of value space online.

Web3 is a new brainchild of the world wide web that handles decentralized apps that run on blockchain technology. There are 3 keywords of Web 3.0—privacy, ownership, and autonomy. The essence of Web3 is to realize the interconnection of Internet value, enabling each user to control the data ‘sovereignty’ in their own hands, rather than platforms or the internet powerful companies.

Why is Web 3.0 important?

Humans have conquered their surroundings and overcome their limits in leaps and bounds marked by great innovations. It is entirely within the possibility that the first person with the courage to try new things would be the first one to succeed.

The web3 space is a brand new blue ocean market, and many aspects and opportunities are needing to be explored. As for internet users, innovation and daring to try are the most direct choices to increase personal competitiveness and harness power. Fear and the sense of uncertainty are barriers to technological progress. What we need to do is to believe in the power of technology and expand it from now on.

So what are we working on right now?

We are, as many explorers, currently diving in the sea of Web 3.0. We Parallel Office is the first metaverse born with just one focus: Business. The first development of this metaverse will be Parallel Office City, a true marvel of architecture, design, and technology that stands on an island surrounded by the sea. In its effort to create the perfect working environment, we are working at echoing the emergence of the Web 3.0 era.

On Parallel Office you can freely display your work history, showing your past experiences which make you a skilled candidate for any company. As a company owner or HR professional, you will be able to check the previous experiences of the job applicant securely, without the possibility of counterfeiting, thanks to blockchain technology.

What’s more, web3 enables a more flexible working model. Have you ever imagined becoming a digital nomad? Since almost all work can be done online, you do not need to ‘go to work’ physically. You can get rid of the boundaries of location and time. What you need to be ‘equipped’ are only a computer and your brain. You can freely change your work locations, and decide your own working schedules. Thus, the concept of ‘decentralization’ can be brought into reality.

In short, web3 gives the ownership and control back to ‘producers’, enabling producers to interact with data on account of the connection of AI and other machine learning technologies. Web3 allows creators to have more freedom of thought and expression under less oppressive regimes, protecting whistleblowers and keeping creators out of danger by guaranteeing their anonymity. It should be a time when we have more chances to create and innovate, without worrying about being deprived of ownership in the future.

There are more career opportunities—blockchain software developers, solidity developers, blockchain engineers, marketing officers who are in charge of a much wider range of promotion channels, community managers, UX & UI designers, etc.

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