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What's needed to democratize web3 and achieve mass adoption?- Zakaryae BOUDI, CEO of FeverTokens.

There's no doubt that blockchain technology and crypto assets have the potential to democratize the web and achieve mass adoption. However, there are still a few key challenges that need to be addressed in order for this to happen. First, we need to make sure that blockchain applications are user-friendly and easy to use for everyone. Second, we need to find ways to incentive users to adopt blockchain applications and use them on a regular basis. And lastly, we need to ensure that there is enough liquidity in the system so that users can easily buy, sell, or trade crypto assets without any friction.

With that said, there are already a number of exciting projects working on these very issues. For example, some projects are focused on making it easy for people to use cryptocurrency without having to understand the underlying technical complexities. Others are working on creating new types of crypto assets (such as NFTs) that can be used in a variety of ways and have real utility for users. And finally, there are also projects working on increasing liquidity in the system so that people can more easily buy, sell, or trade crypto assets.

All of these efforts are critical in moving us closer towards mass adoption of blockchain technology and web3 applications. Exciting times ahead! So what is needed to make mass adoption of web3 technologies a reality? This and other questions we will be discussing today with Zakaryae BOUDI CEO of FeverTokens.

I will also be asking about:

How does Web3 work?

What is Web3 today?

What could Web3 impact in the future?

What are the challenges facing Web3?

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