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We help brands adapt and respond to opportunities by pursuing new revenue streams, seizing opportunities for commerce and connection, and producing immersive original content that drives culture. 

What We Do

Design Custom Virtual Offices

Do you want to launch a virtual meeting room in the metaverse, a virtual auction house, or a prayer room? With our metaverse 3D space designing, we can design virtual meeting rooms for your requirements. VR-supported virtual 3D spaces are the first step in building your metaverse app.

Onboard Companies into the Metaverse

Want to get started right away? We will guide you through creating engaging virtual reality experiences for your brand in the Horizon world. We will set you up with the hardware you need and provide you with the training and support so you can get started from day 1.

Train Business Users on Key Concepts

We are also active in the offline world, where we build stations and kits for virtual reality, providing hardware and devices, technical support for installation and configuration, maintenance, and training courses.

Transform Business Processes into Immersive Experiences

We will help you create memorable experiences to replace your current business processes. Imagine onboarding your employees in the metaverse, or conduct mandatory training, or even showcasing your services and products.

Deploy Metaverse strategy and Roadmap

We help companies identify their role in the metaverse and create a business case. Crucially, we also develop a roadmap that outlines the capabilities, talent, operating model, and initiatives necessary to achieve their vision.

Identify and execute on use cases

We zero in on the most promising metaverse use cases, and then take them from prototype to at-scale deployment. Our team of metaverse consultants design, build, and launch cutting-edge metaverse experiences.


Lets talk Metaverse

We can help you make sense of the Metaverse business opportunity and help you gain value in a cost-effective way. Lets set up a free consultation to learn how we can help you accelerate your business




Coworking Office

Coworking Meeting 

5GB Storage
1 avatar
Hardware (Oculus2)
PC Virtualization
Training & Onboarding
Monthly Support 




1 Custom Virtual Office

Virtual Meeting
10GB Storage
Up to 6 avatars
Hardware (Oculus2)
PC Virtualization
Monthly Support

Tailored Plan


1 Custom Virtual Office

Virtual Meeting
30 GB Storage

Up to 9 avatars

Hardware (Oculus2) 
PC Virtualization
Monthly Support 

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