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  • Platform fees: All transaction fees incurred by the users, such as rental fees or marketplace fees, will be paid using the $PLO token.

  • Purchase of NFTs in the Marketplace: Users will be encouraged to use $PLO tokens for their marketplace trades via reduction or removal of fees.

  • Rewards and incentives: Early adopters, office owners, NFT creators, and stakers will receive rewards in the form of $PLO tokens.

  • Exchange of services: Users will be encouraged to use $PLO tokens to pay for services offered inside the platform by other users via reduction or removal offices.

  • Voting Power: Token holders will be able to influence the developments of the Parallel Office metaverse through the DAO system.

The $PLO token will be used in the following ways:



Parallel Office has chosen to introduce staking in its economy and governance model as a way to reward the users of the platform and the community members for having a long-term mindset and locking up their $PLO tokens. There will be three staking pools, with 3, 6, and 12 months durations, each with a max token limit. The users will be able to lock their tokens in the staking pools and will be rewarded depending on the duration of the locking period.



The following are the vesting mechanisms that will be used:

  • Type 1: The tokens will be locked for 12 months, then will progressively be unlocked at the rate of 1/12 per month. 

  • Type 2: The tokens will be locked for 4 months, then will progressively be unlocked at the rate of 1/12 per month. 

  • Type 3: The tokens will be locked for 12 months

  • Type 4: The tokens will be locked for 1 month after the Public Sale. The vesting periods will start from the issuance of the respective token allocations.


Token Sale

Up to 25% of the total supply of the $PLO token will be sold through private and public sales. The private sale will happen in two phases, with a higher discount being applied on the first sale and a lower discount on the second sale. The public sale will follow the whitelist model and will be distributed between various launchpads and exchanges. Unsold tokens from the various phases will be moved to the successive phase, and tokens remaining from the final public sale will be burned.


Early Adopters Incentives

The $PLO token will have a vital role in incentivizing the productive use of the platform and rewarding the users that decide to believe in the project. Such incentives will be of various types, but a very important one will be the Rent Supplement incentive, which will be taken out of the “Early Adopters” allocation and will reward the buyers of the first Office NFT sale. Because the platform has not yet been completed, there will be no way for office owners to rent their offices until it's done. As a way of making sure that our early adopters are still happy with us, we'll offer them "substitute rent" in $PLO tokens until the platform's final release. The number of tokens will be calculated based on each office’s listing price.


Deflationary Mechanism

For the first three years starting from the launch of the token we will apply atokenburning mechanism that will send 2% of every transaction to the dead address, where it will be locked forever. This will progressively decrease the total supply of the token,
incentivizing the holding and resulting in a steady increase in its value until the platform is active. After three years, we will stop the token burning in order to promote the usage of tokens in the platform’s economy.

Private Token Sale

The $PLO token is at the heart of the Parallel Office economy. The token will be based on the ERC20 Ethereum standard; it will be needed to access many of the platform features and will guarantee its holders and users many benefits, such as discounts and rewards. 


Total Supply:50,000,000,000

Deflationary mechanism: 2% token burning on every transaction for 3 years from the Public Sale


$PLO NFT WhiteList

To join the $PLO private token sale, you will need an Angel Investor Whitelist NFT. Only holders of the NFT will have access to the private sale. 

  • There are 100 tickets with a cost of 0.1 ETH each.

  • Each token gives the right to purchase up to 900k $PLO.

  • The 0.1 ETH per ticket is equivalent to 1000 $PLO dropped into your wallet at the start of the private sale.

  • Each token gives the right to an exclusive hoodie from our metaverse webshop.

$PLO Token Sale

Private Sale #1

Token Allocation:4,500,000,000$PLO(9%of total Supply)

Purchase Cap:min.$10,000 - max $200,000

Private Sale Token Price:0.00025USD

Public Sale Token Price:0.0005USD

Vesting: Tokens are locked for 4 months from the end of the sale, then progressively unlocked at the rate of 1/12 per month

Discount Rate: 50%

Start Date: TBD

Private Sale #2

Token Allocation:4,500,000,000$PLO(9% of total Supply)

Purchase Cap:min.$5,000 - max $300,000

Private Sale Token Price:0.00035USD

Public Sale Token Price:0.0005USD

Vesting: Tokens are locked for 4 months from the end of the sale, then progressively unlocked at the rate of 1/12 per month. 

Discount Rate:30

Start Date: TBD

Public Sale

Token Allocation: 3,500,000,000 $PLO (7% of total Supply)
Purchase Cap: min. $200, max $5,000
Public Sale Token Price: USD 0.0005

Discount Rate:None

Start Date: TBD

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